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My name is Janet Dorothea de Bruin, or Jenny, as my friends know me. Together with my husband Dennis and our cat Noortje, I live in a beautiful place in Norway. Our wonderful surroundings give me more than enough inspiration to paint. I love to capture on canvas the feelings all those amazing miracles of nature evoke in me, sometimes realistically, other times abstract.My paintings can be bought as originals, but it’s also possible to buy a replica on canvas or as a jpg file. 


Click on the style you like

pink peony_edited_edited.jpg

Realism and fantasy






Buy an original painting or a print.

Options for print:

Fine art print

Print on canvas or aluminium

Print on postcard (sold per 10 pcs)

Print on mug, pillow or blanket

Available in Norway and EU. 

Prices differ depending on country.

Shipping not included. 

We remind you that you may have to pay import taxes!

Please take contact on  for options as to size and material. We try to get you the product you desire!

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