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We sell original paintings, photoprints (also on canvas or other materials), jpg files of photos and paintings

and fine art prints. It is also possible to order a commission painting. Click on the picture to get to the category you would like to explore. 



Paintings and art prints

Choose your favorite photo and material. Prints can be done as a poster, on canvas, on mugs, on blankets, and so on. Click HERE to find out!


Greeting cards
also available!


Choose one of my paintings, choose 

you own text for free and we make beautifull postcards for you!

Available in sets of 5 or 10.

Click HERE

Also available with photos. 

Commission work

Get your personal painting!

Portraits, pet portraits, fantasy - whatever you like. 

Send me a messsage for the options. 

Printable files



Klik here


Get yourself a printable file that you can use to get make your own print!

Click here to see the terms of sale.

Legally you have the right to cancel a purchase witin 14 days. 

Commissions are started after this 14 days. 

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